Multi-Cultural Marketing

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Multi-Cultural Marketing

Translate your brand for the unexplored potential.

With 17 years of experience in Hispanic media, and focused education and work with the Asian markets, Mendez Media Marketing can drive businesses across cultural boundaries using precisely targeted multi-cultural marketing strategies. Our knowledgeable executive team will work to create a plan tapping into new audiences, including those on the international stage.

As the only agency in Central California specializing in multi-cultural marketing, we can connect your business to the fastest growing minority groups such as the Hispanic and Asian markets. Our variety of services has been designed to suit any situation, including international public relations representation, multilingual advertising, and language translation.

Additionally, Mendez Media Marketing can assist with political campaigns to bridge the gap between cultures and the issues, sealing the relationship between the two. As such, we can assist to secure much needed support among minority voters using our proven advertising, marketing and public relations methods.

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